know before you go

bullet imagebullet imageWe rush often times rush off to college when we are young because that's what society tells us we should do. I'm here to tell you that there is no "should." Time and time again, I see young people spend thousands of dollars and valuable years of their lives getting a degree. Once they have that degree, they go out in the world and discover that they don't actually want to be in that line of work, but what else can they do with a nursing degree? 

I'm writing this, right now, to encourage you to go out and explore before you commit your life to something. If you want to be a nurse, maybe try volunteering in a hospital in Nepal. If you want to be a photographer, set out to Austrailia with your best camera. If you want to be an agriculturalist, volunteer on a farm in Hawaii. I'm encouraging you to both see the world, and test out your field of study before diving in for the long haul.   What's even more important than income is doing what you love in life.